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What is a mark? General Trademark Information Trademarks in Cyberspace -- Domain Name Issues General Intellectual Property Resources Anarchy, Intellectual Property, and The Public Domain
How are marks acquired? Federal Trademark Law & Practice Online Journals with Trademark Topics Intellectual Property, Computers, and the Internet Links for Lawyers
How are marks protected? State Trademark Laws Organizations Concerned About Marks Copyrights & Copyright Law Search Engines and Related Resources
How should marks be used? International Trademark Laws, Treaties & Information Trademark Support Services Advertising, Trade, Unfair Competition, & Trade Secret Law Gregory H. Guillot, PC
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Trademark Topics

What Is A Mark?

How Are Marks Acquired?

How Are Marks Protected

How Should Marks Be Used?


Trademark Links

bulletGeneral Trademark Information

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bulletU.S. Federal Trademark Law And Practice

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bulletU.S. State Trademark Laws and Databases

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bulletInternational Trademark Laws, Rules, Databases, and Treaties

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bulletInternational Trademark Attorneys and Agents

International trademark matters require assistance from local trademark attorneys, in countries where registrations are sought, or where enforcement of trademark rights is desired. We work with numerous international "associates" to protect trademark rights outside the United States. Although we are not formally affiliated with these firms, they act as our agents in trademark matters within their respective countries. In some instances, this relationship is reciprocal.

An increasing number of our associates have sites on the World Wide Web, and we are pleased to commend them to you. Note: not all of our associates have Web sites at this time, and accordingly, not all are listed here.

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bulletTrademarks In Cyberspace and Domain Name Disputes

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bulletOn-line Journals With Trademark Topics

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bulletOrganizations Concerned About Marks

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bulletTrademark Support Services

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Picture of Relatives!Related Links

bulletGeneral Intellectual Property Resources

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bulletIntellectual Property, Computers, And The Internet

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bulletCopyrights And Copyright Law

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bulletAdvertising, Trade, Unfair Competition And Trade Secret Law Resources

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bulletAnarchy, Intellectual Property, And The Public Domain

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